Do you have official social media profiles?

You can certainly find us in social medias. Our official social media pages are as followed:  

Instagram: name68domain
Facebook:  /name68domain
Twitter:    @name68domain


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Do you provide phone support?

Yes, we do. You can always contact us via our 24/7 Live chat, Ticket System or call us at: +1...

Do you provide any support? What is your response time?

We do provide 24/7 support via Live chat and Ticket System. You can submit a ticket without...

How can I submit a ticket with you?

You can submit your request at our HelpDesk.  

Where is your company located?

Name68 is owned by SiliconWise, LLC. a US-based company located in West Hollywood, California....

How do I leave feedback?

You can email your feedback or suggestions to [email protected].  

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